The Rename Program

The Rename Program 1.0

Marc needed some software to rename thousands of files
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Back in 1999 Marc needed some software to rename thousands of files, and after spending hours scouring the internet for something suitable, he gave up. Marc already had 7 years experience in Turbo Pascal and Delphi by this time, so he decided to write his own. A fortnight later, he was done. Marc found the program so useful, he decided to upload it to a few websites and forgot about it for a year. Next time he checked, it had been included in a French free newspaper and had dozens of great reviews, references all over the internet. The software had a few bugs and a lot Marc wanted to improve upon, but the web was fast becoming the way to go. Marc abandoned the project, the domain it was hosted on ( and moved on.

Fast forward 11 years: Links and references to the software are still spread around the internet. The domain has been taken and abused by some cyber-squatters.

Partly due to the overhaul of Lamped, and somewhat due to the level of existing links and references to the software, Marc decided to re-host it.

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